1What are the stages of home construction?
We would schedule a meeting to go over your requirements, budget and inclusions list. If you don’t have any design plans then plans will be developed and once all is formulated, a complete costed sale estimate will be provided. Soil test & structural engineering for slab to determine any further costs, required in a HIA preliminary agreement. Contractual documentation needs to be signed with a 5% deposit of contract price paid by owners for signing off documentation. We then pay QBCC/QLeave Construction Insurance & Certifiers to get underway process to approval to commence construction. Every construction process is unique and depends on the scope and complexity of the project. But each time a sustainable house is built, the process follows typical steps, with the same principles similar for large renovations.
2How long does council approval take?
Once you have got your finance in order, finalised a builder & had plans drawn up. You’re ready to start building or constructing extensive renovations, but you get stopped in your tracks. You need council approval first. Depending on a number of factors, if all documents are in order, standard council approval is 14 days from lodgement date. We can help with non-standard approvals if required.
3How long does it take to build a house?
Exact time can be determined only after the planning is done.It depends on these stages, • Site testing & Earthworks • Frame Stage • Lock-Up Stage • Pre-Paint Stage • Practical Completion
4How do I find out if my builder is registered?
A Builder must be registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to perform any building works over $5000 in Victoria. Before you engage a builder, check the status of their registration at www.vba.vic.gov.au, go to the ‘Find a Practitioner’ tab, enter the builder’s name and complete the security check.
5How is quality managed?
We have a strict quality control policy. Regular checks are carried out during construction, and at the completion of every trade and construction stage. This ensures we identify any areas of concern early and have it rectified immediately. During site visits, we encourage our clients to be diligent in pointing out any areas of concern.
6Will I be kept up to date during the building project?
Yes, of course. Communication is important and working in partnership with our clients is critical to our success. Regular site meeting will be scheduled to discuss progress, milestones, works coming up and selections, if required.
7What makes your designs ‘Unique’?
All plans are drawn to the Client’s specific needs and desires, as no two people are the same. Each plan is as individual as you. Our designs are created to compliment every aspect of your land. By designing to suit your aspects you achieve excellent energy saving thermal and acoustic qualities. This is of the utmost priority in today’s society.
8How much will my home cost?
There are 4 things that affect the cost of a home. • The size • The complexity of the design • The nature of the inclusions (basic, standard, luxury) • The characteristics of the land (fall, orientation etc) Only after considering all these factors can some site-specific price guides be given.

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