First Royal Homes

We build your home, not your house

First Royal Homes is a boutique builder who carries the testimony of trust and craftsmanship blended together to deliver what's it call your Home not the house. The place you call "Home" is thoughtfully designed and carefully built to perfection so it will be your special place.

A place that fosters both inspiration and relaxation; Our beautifully designed homes take centre stage, setting the scene for celebration, tranquility, laughter and love. From inviting outdoor entertaining areas ideal for every occasion to the sanctuary of stunning bedrooms and retreats, your own great story will unfold revealing a value much more than brick and mortar-That's the First Royal promise.

To create this story, First Royal Homes has joined hands with the builder who carries over 30 years of residential home building experience. As a second generation Australian builder, he has delivered over 300 homes , Child Care Centres and Warehouses in Melbourne's South Eastern corridor to his pride.

  • We carry over 30 years in experience in home building so building is our main thing.
  • We pride ourselves with honesty and integrity
  • We pride ourselves with craftsmanship and delivery at highest standards
  • We use best quality products and best trades
  • We care about our communities

As our story unfolds First Royal Homes promises that
we build your home to the highest standard that you can call it " your HOME".


We work our magic on your space!

Whatever you can imagine for your home, we can bring your vision to life for you. Communication is key so get in touch and get started.

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