Knockdown and Rebuild

Dreaming of building a new home, but can’t bear to leave your neighbourhood? You don’t have to..

When you build with First Royal Homes you don’t have to – we can help you revive your address without moving. First Royal Homes offers our expertise in knock down and rebuild developments. Demolishing an existing home and building new is the perfect solution for those who want a brand-new home, but don’t want to move address – nor live through the nightmare of renovations.

The team at First Royal Homes is here to help guide you through all the steps: from knocking down your existing home and preparing your site for construction, to choosing which brand-new home to build and handing over your keys – and every step in between.

New homes are better and cheaper to manage than a complete renovation.

Building new on your existing site

Building new on your existing site means you can improve the value of your property while staying in your very own neighbourhood, close to family and friends. You won’t have the hassles and expenses which come with selling a property, nor will you have to pay the stamp duty costs associated with buying. And, you’ll have a beautiful, brand new First Royal Homes to enjoy in the area you love.

If existing structure is expensive and time consuming

An addition to an existing structure is expensive and time consuming; you might also have unexpected expenses once you’ve started with the project. For example, old plumbing, electrical systems that need to be brought to comply with the current regulations, and more. It is for that reason that builders only enter into cost plus contract, which leaves you exposed to financial risks.

Renovations are mostly underestimated

Renovations are mostly underestimated, which leads to budget blow outs and financial distress to complete the project. This is why knockdowns are by far the best option.

You can have it all NEW, without the hassle of renovations!

  • Through creating and delivering high quality projects, we are offering innovative, high quality homes, great value and personalized customer service and experience. At First Royal Homes you deal directly with the builder who builds your home from start to completion. You can rely on our expertise to achieve what you deserve, because we are committed to you.
  • We are one of the few large builders who will happily make modifications to our plans to suit your needs and your block. By personalising our large range of flexible floor plans with our huge range of options, you are able to play a part in designing your own home without the expense of an architect.
  • Another benefit of knocking down your existing home is that you don’t have to move away, change your children’s school and leave your family and friends to get a new home and a re-designed environment. Simply rebuild your existing property and work with a reliable custom home builder like First Royal Homes.
  • With knockdowns and rebuilds, you get a new home for less than the cost of renovation without compromising your dream of design and lifestyle. A new home with the latest in design trends, as well as six-star energy ratings is the perfect solution for any home owner.

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